About Us

Bettin's Organic Health is a family-run health and wellbeing store, run by practicing pharmacists in Hamburg, Germany, and their daughter, who is based near Beaconsfield, England. Rüdiger, Angela and Felicia Bettin welcome you!

Angela Bettin

Angela Bettin, Ph., MSA, is a practicing pharmacist in Hamburg, Germany. After five years at university, followed by one year in pharmacists' training, Angela first worked at two pharmacies in Hamburg, before setting up her own, which she aptly named as Bettin's Apotheke (translated: "Bettin's Pharmacy").

She's been working as a professional pharmacist for over 40 years now, and has been recognised by her peers and the media as a highly innovative pharmacist who is always finding new ways to help her customers.

From the beginning Angela Bettin was particularly interested in naturopathy, homeopathy, anthroposophic and preventive medicine in general.

More than 35 years ago, Angela led pioneering work to bring the leading natural Chinese medicines to Europe, and since then, has remained a leading figure among European pharmacists for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), even as these medicines have become more widespread. There are nearly 300 different chinese herbs on the stock.

More recently, she and her team have added cutting edge bio-identical hormones to her pharmacy. While most hormonal solutions are created synthetically and bear only partial resemblance to the hormones your body makes, which can cause complications when taking them, bio-identical hormones mirror almost exactly what your body produces, providing a more natural solution for the human body. There is a large laboratory for so-called "bioidentical hormone formulas" that are required to be prepared individually in her compounding pharmacy.

She has appeared several times over the years in the media.


Rüdiger Bettin

Rüdiger Bettin, MSA, Ph., is a professional pharmacist who runs one of Hamburg's landmarks. His pharmacy, situated right in the centre of town, is over 230 years old and several areas of it come directly from centuries past.

He has been running his pharmacy for more than 30 years. Due to its staggering beauty and its reputation for quality, Rudiger's Alte Englische Apotheke (translated: "Old English Pharmacy") has also appeared in the media, in films and even on Instagram!

You can find more on Rudiger's media appearances here and here.


Felicia Bettin

Felicia Bettin has worked closely with her parents in their respective pharmacies for more than 10 years and has always been deeply inspired by her parents compassion, innovation-drive and professionalism in regards to their customers. While she went down a different path to her parents, she has gained a large amount of health and wellness knowledge over the years and is passionate about organic and natural ways to nourish the human body. She lives in the countryside near Beaconsfield, with her husband, Thomas, and dog, Lily.